Saturday, February 5, 2011


Living in between can be challenging!  Not quite out and not quite in ... so we are in between!  We haven't left California yet but are moving steadily in that direction.  Boxes are being packed, our house is now rented but we are still here!  New leadership in the church yet still an active role in the church.  I am thankful that God does things slowly.  Can you imagine if we were to enter change immediately?  No time to adjust to the idea, nor time to prepare physically and spiritually but to just enter into change?  God leads us with grace.  He is not a task master but a loving God.  He knows our frame and does what is best for us.

We probably have 3-4 weeks left in California.  They will be busy weeks packing, cleaning, seeing friends, etc. I hope that they will not be too stressful because living in Mongolia will be stressful, I think!  At least at first.  But the good thing is that God enables.  If He gives us a task to do, He first enables us to do it.  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Someone in our church said recently, "God is-and all is well."  That's a good thought to dwell on.  The good thing about transition IS change.  We all need it.  Change brings newness, challenge, deeper dependence on God, growing in faith and proving His faithfulness.  The underlying peace of moving in His will is the anchor and bedrock of our stability in God when change is afoot. 

So, though we are in transition, we are at peace.  Though we are very busy, we are at rest.  We are at rest in Him.  I am glad that He is an anchor for our souls - not a run to Him and feel safe kind of thing, but a continual knowing that we are in His will and He is going before us.  "God is - and all is well."  Praise God!

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  1. Praise God that He is always faithful, ever present and immovable.