Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Rat Attack

"All creatures great and small the Lord God made them all."   But why, rats?  Still, I am not a happy camper as these furry little creatures have set up their home in my attic!  Yes, we've heard them on and off scurrying about with their little toenails clipping and scratching on the ceilings as they scamper on by.  One day I heard definite biting!  I am told that rats teeth continually grow and so if they don't gnaw at things they will die of suffocation!   Yesterday morning as I was hurriedly trying to get ready for work I heard this noise - bump, scrape, bump bump bump, scrape, thump!  It was right above my head as I was walking in the entryway.  We have a friend and her two sons staying with us and I thought - "there is no way these kids are up at 6:30 am playing in Richard's study!"  So the thought came to me....RATS!  I went and grabbed my flashlight and taking the stairs two at a time arrived in a flash at the attic door in the study.  Slowly opening it and flashing my light - which I couldn't get to go on - click click click - finally, the light coming on there was a baby rat stuck in the rat trap and Mama was standing nearby.  When I flashed the light she went scurrying away! What to do?  Call the husband!  So I did.  He said I should take the thing and drown it!  Fine thing to say when he is at work and I am at home!  Well, I did as I was instructed.  I took a glove and grabbed the trap and all and went outside and dumped him in a bucket of water watching him flailing around for air.  The thing is I didn't feel the least bit sorry!  What a hard heart I have!  I didn't even think - "all creatures great and small the Lord God made them all!"  I just thought - GOOD!  You pesky rat!  And then I left him in the bucket and went to work! 

So....next step is to call the exterminators!  I got my list and began calling.  You know how many companies are out of business now?  Well, after 3 calls I had to look again.  Finally made some calls and made appointments to find the best deals!  Its all about money after all!  haha!  Western Exterminators came out - they had the best price so we shall see what shall become of these little rat pests in my attic.  Tomorrow is doomsday! 

So life goes on if its not one thing its another!  Isn't that life though!  Wonder what will be next!