Friday, October 15, 2010

Florida Trip

We spent an afternoon at Vicki's place and had a cookout!

This is Mama and Papa Bear's chair and Vicki is too small for it!

This is Mom's new car!  You can see Vicki's legs won't fit in it.  Imagine driving around Florida in this!  Mom is getting very bold in her old age!
Last week I spent with my Mom in Florida.   We had a great time.  Florida weather was stupendous - NO HUMIDITY!!  Yes, it truly was beautiful - sunny, warm and balmy.  I arrived the day after a hurricane had blown through and it was just gorgeous.

So, you can see some pictures above of my trip.  I especially like the picture of Mom's new car!  What do you think?  Can you imagine driving around Florida in that?  What do you do when it rains?
Here is a picture of Vicki's husband, Shawn.  He is an engineer and jack of all trades.  He also knows how to cook a good bratwurst!  Vicki even had sauerkraut...yummm!  I went to Vicki & Shawn's church one night and enjoyed a good message on the Family.  Vicki is very involved in her church with their Living Free program where she is a social worker for the ladies getting off drugs or alcohol.  She loves it there.

Mom and I drove to a town called, "Ava Maria".  This town was about 1 1/2 hours from Ft. Myers in the middle of nowhere.  The man who made his fortune on Dominoes Pizza built the entire town for the Catholic's with a University and a Cathedral.  The reason was that when he was a kid and orphaned the Catholic Church looked after him and one nun in particular helped him to realise he could be anything he wanted to be.  He donated the entire place to her for her inspiration!  It was a beautiful town though very scare on people!!!

We spent an afternoon at Sanibel Island and had lunch and walked around the island called Captiva.  You can see below the beautiful water and sand.  The water temp was in the 80's.
Here we are enjoying the weather!  I got a very good sunburn that day!

Innovative Job

Three Gorgeous Babes

The picture with the boat was quite interesting!  This man was making his money going up and down the beach selling cold drinks, hot dogs, ice cream to the people on the beach.  He would just pull up to the shore and people would gather round with their money!  I thought this was very innovative considering the unemployment rate in Florida!

If you are going to get sick - the best place to get sick is in Ft. Myers.  Take a look at their hospital below!  
This is the way it looks as you walk in the glass doors!
Hospital Lobby - selling popcorn on the left
 They even had someone playing the piano!
 Check out these glass elevators

Look at that Classy Lady!

So that was my trip to Florida.  It was lovely and wonderful to spend time with Mom and Vicki.