Friday, April 16, 2010


The fellowship of union. Fellowship is a lovely word. So is union. Put them both together and it speaks of something very lovely indeed.

I was thinking about the parables. In Luke, Jesus expounded on many subjects, "in parables", and the people gathered and listened very intently to what He had to say. Think of it, Jesus came from the Father, to teach the people of Himself - the Godhead, the kingdom of God, the laws of love, liberty, and salvation. Jesus' heart was to show them the Father. The people for the most part didn't understand and that is the reason for the parables. Stories are descriptive and often illuminate pictures in our minds which enable us to see things clearer; to bring understanding. The thing is Jesus was there, bodily. They could see Him, they could hear His voice, they could watch how He acted, how He responded. They were amazed at His wisdom, His authority, His power, and they followed Him wherever He went because they'd never seen anyone like Him! That is true...there wasn't anyone on the earth like Jesus! He is the true representation of the Father, "the express image of His person," as it says in Hebrews.

He called them, "friends" but longed for something much more....Sons. Sons with the Father and... Oneness. This is the closest of fellowship that one could have - "oneness." Remember in the garden when Adam talked with God? God spoke things to Adam and taught him things of Himself and the world that He made...of wisdom, of Life, of His creatures, etc. there was a fellowship there that was beautiful, unspoiled. I speak of this fellowship before Adam sinned. And after Adam sinned that fellowship was severed for all men, that is until Jesus came.

He came to show us the Father and to bring us to the Father. He could only do that by becoming sin for us, dying in our place, and rising again. "Death shall no longer have dominion over them". Now, in Christ, we are free from the man of death and sin and have been made a new man in Christ Jesus. He has brought us to the Father, truly.

Fellowship with man has always been in God's heart from the beginning. Oneness. This is the thing I am getting at. When we walk with the Father He speaks to us and teaches us, not now in parables, but in truth and wisdom, of Himself, of the Godhead, of the mysteries of the kingdom of God. The preciousness of this oneness is truly remarkable. The generosity of the Lord to share with us His life, His person, to impart to us wisdom, understanding, and life. This is fellowship - this is union. This is lovely indeed!