Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The latest in my work saga....

Well....a new development.  In the last month I have been working in a new construction trailer in Santa Ana at Kennedy School which is off of 4th and McFadden.  The office has been without a secretary for 2 years!  The first day I walked in was without doubt a bit of a shock.  Instead of a neat orderly office, I found piles of papers scattered about on the floor with boxes and boxes stacked around full of papers without folders.  The one guys office was ...well how does one describe it?  Needless to say, going to work was overwhelming!  I didn't know where to start.  I was later told that we were going to move to another trailer at a different site and start a new project and I would have to pack up the office!  Dreadful!  I did my best but happened to go on vacation when Christy and Audrey came to visit so I missed the move and the rest of the packing.  Whew!  What joy!  When I got back to the new office my supervisor had organized everything....it was beau-ti-ful!  I was totally amazed!  And so pleased....  We also got a new superintendent who just happens to have a great personality and suddenly going to work has been really fun!  So, happy me, going to work setting up the new office and getting things done in a timely manner couldn't be more pleased, when my supervisor called and dropped the bomb! 

My old boss, from Foothill High School, has been bugging and bugging the Senior Project Manager to get me back!  So finally they contacted my Supervisor and she told me that he wanted me to go back but she felt I was just getting situated and wanted me to stay on where I was.  Apparently, my old boss doesn't get on well with anybody and I am the only secretary who he has gotten on with ever!!!!  It is only because I set my heart to love him (he is not the most happy soul and to get him to smile was a major victory)!  Well, my supervisor told me that one of the secretaries filed a suit against him because of his manner!  Several have quit!  I was a bit shocked, yes, he is a challenge and no he doesn't praise anyone often.  In fact, when he did praise me once I nearly fell off my chair!  I then knew I must be doing something right!

Anyway, now I am in a quandary because I really like my new office and to go back now to the old office isn't so appealing, but I told my supervisor that I would do whatever is best for everybody all around.  So she called me back and told me I will go back to Foothill High School beginning Sept 6th!  Ahhh - well I did tell them that my plans are sort of up in the air because of our thoughts on moving to Mongolia. I told her I would only work till the end of November.  She was okay with that.  I was amazed.  The company has supported whatever I want to do - the many vacations I take, etc.  Its amazing.  I know that is the Lord and His grace to me. 

So... that is the latest.