Friday, January 14, 2011


Changes are the order of the day for the Porowski household.  We finally got our contracts for Mongolia and the letter of invitation has been sent to the Mongolian Embassy in LA.  They say we've got about 4 weeks to wait.  Then we buy our tickets, Richard gives his 2 weeks notice, and we are off!  It is exciting and scary all at the same time.  Yet, we both feel God is in this and so we move forward. 

We've rented our house out to a lovely couple from Alabama who will join the church and use the house as it has been used for the church and hospitality.  They've already moved here and are now part of the Porowski household.  Laura and Jonthan and little Caleb (1 year) arrived last Friday and Jonathan started his new job on Monday.  Its amazing how things have developed and we are so blessed to have such a lovely couple here.

Changes....a new country in which to live, a new language, new culture, a new much more can one change?  This will be a challenge to the highest degree for us.  Even the weather is extreme!  We value all prayers!

A word which has blessed me incredibly which was spoken at our church recently is taken from Matt 22:  "Be of good cheer, It is I; be not afraid.  What a comfort and joy to hear such a word as this as we set forth on a year full of changes!

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  1. What an awesome journey the Lord has set before you. What comforting words He has given to sustain you. He will open doors to you and many blessings will be poured upon you. There will be challenges, but the Lord will be there.